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CV Writing Tips

Writing a Winning Publishing CV

  • Your CV should be a work in progress. You should update it as you gain further experience in the publishing industry and, depending on the role you are applying for, edit it to emphasise particular achievements, skills and personal qualities.
  • Check thoroughly for typos - these are unacceptable at any time, but particularly in publishing, where it is all about the written word. Typos in a publishing CV will result in your application ending up in the bin. Spell check then print out the CV and ask someone else to proofread.
  • Stick to two pages - keep it concise and relevant. You need to demonstrate that you can provide clear copy in a quickly readable format.
  • Keep the formatting clear and simple - headings should be in a slightly larger font and in bold, don't try to be too clever, the focus should be on your experience, not fancy tabulation and boxes!
  • Use the third, not first, person. This will ensure it's a professional document and not too subjective.
  • Use bullet points. Paragraphs take much longer to read and you need the info to be available at a glance.
  • Keep your language and expression simple and keep it factual

Some points to remember:

  • Employment history List this in reverse chronological order and include both month and year in the dates. An employer likes to see your most recent and up-to-date experience at a glance. Bullet point your main duties and responsibilities. List all your relevant achievements. Keep the information clear and concise.
  • Education List educational information in reverse chronological order and include both the month and year the qualification gained. Include your degree subject and classification. A level subjects can be listed with results. For your GCSEs/O Levels - much easier and less space and time consuming to list, for example, as 6 x A grades, 2 x B grades, including Maths and English.
  • Further skills/qualifications Bullet point your key skills and qualify them with brief examples. Don't forget your IT skills eg are you PC and MAC literate? State what level, eg. MS Office, including Excel - Intermediate. Also remember to list relevant vocational training.

For some CV writing ideas, take a look at our suggested CV layout.