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How to Impress at your Publishing Job Interview

Body Language:

  • Start with a smile, this should help to build rapport with your interviewer(s).
  • Stay as relaxed as possible. If you've done your preparation there shouldn't be any major surprises.
  • Maintain good eye contact.
  • Avoid fidgeting and fiddling - be aware of any nervous habits you might have and make an effort to avoid them.

Listen carefully to the questions and take your time to answer. Answer fully but don't waffle - stay focussed.

Use the opportunity to sell yourself - give examples of achievements where possible.

Be positive about previous roles and employers even if there were issues. Try to emphasise the positives.

Find out what the next stage of the interview process will be. Will there be second interviews or a date you will hear back by.

Ask any questions you might have at the end - make sure not to dwell just on salary and benefit queries though! Prepare questions before hand and always refer to the list you made. It’s absolutely fine to have a note book with you to refer to and jot things down. If all questions have been addressed then let the interviewer know this.

Cardinal sins:

  • Being late – call and let us know if possible
  • Your mobile ringing
  • Being negative about your last job or company that you worked with